Some of the best treatment's for patchy beard

how to fill beard patches 

If someone has a patchy beard then we thought he/she is is not healthy (Health does not simply mean a person not having a disease, But health means a person is well being physically mentally, and socially ) and it retards your personality too. That's why we are going to give a brief and practical guide to fill beard patches.

You've heard from the crowd that natural methods don't work in this case but, they are wrong. if the Natural methods practice scientifically then they can fill all the beard patches.

 If you are on a very initial stage then consulting with a dermatologist will be a great Idea. Before starting how to fill beard patches let's get a deep dive into its cause.

There are a bunch of causes of this health issue, Some major spurs are Age, Fungal Infections, Stress, and hormonal imbalance, etc. But they only take place in abnormal conditions.

 Does a patchy beard is curable?

A patchy beard can be fixed at a certain level if you get it through a poor diet, hormonal imbalance, or fungal infections or you are on a very initial stage, But, it'll very hard if this is a genital disorder.

7 proven ways to fill beard patches

 So, we know that we can fix our beard somehow, Let's put a deep dive into several methods to regrow the patchy beard.

 #1 Beard Oil

Beard oil contains all the nutrition required for a healthy beard. Beard oils stimulate hair growth and repair the scalp for hair roots to be buried strongly in the scalp. But, before going to apply beard oil you've to check that the beard oil is natural and not a single ingredient is allergic to your skin. I've written a brief review of a natural beard oil called Rick Ross beard oil. You can go through this article to put a glance over all ingredients either you may check the best prices of Rick Ross beard oil.

 #2 Beard balm

Beard balms are products that contain Butter and Jojoba oil with some quantity of wax. All these ingredients provide nourishment to the hair. And, the hair starts to grow rapidly.

#3 Grow your beard till the end of the limit

Okay, let's start with a step where you ask a question to you Is my beard have patches?. Because in most of the cases people took the wrong assumption that they have a patchy beard. To overcome this problem you've to do boring work. Let the beard be growing for at least 2 months.

 In this long period, you may consult with doctors and other hair experts after 2 months you'll get a long beard, and in this long beard Blind man can also Identify the patches.

Now you're hundred percent confident that what problem you have. Let's see some tactics to grow your beard again.

#4 Eat Food That Nourishes Your hairs

Foods can also slightly push your beard growth. Hair fall starts when the level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone imbalanced so, you need that kind of food that levels up your body's hormones. Some of our recommended foods are :

Coffee: This antioxidant use in most men's grooming products due to its high tendency to increase the body's testosterone and DTH level. We recommend Folgers Classic Roast Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

Olive: If you use this product for 2 weeks as a main source of fats then you can increase your testosterone level up to 17%.

Check price: Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pomegranate juice: This juice is in practice for decades to increase testosterone and blood circulation. A study shows Pomegranate juice increases testosterone by 24%.

Check price: 100% Pomegranate Juice - USDA Organic Certified.

There are thousands of products available for hair growth. And we can't write for those in a single article. If you want to know more about hair growing foods read this guide.

Read more: Beard Growth-promoting Foods

# 5 Sleep, Exercise, and reduce the Stress

Sound sleep also increases your testosterone levels and enhances your hairs to growth. But to get a sound sleep you need to put some effort into the daytime. Do some exercise like weightlifting, walking, and yoga you'll see while you go on the bad you get better sleep. But stress also resists sleeping that's why you have to limit your stress in meditation can help you a lot.

#6 Healthy sexual life

A healthy sexual life can lead to an increase in testosterone level as the testosterone increases new follicles start to grow and makes your beard bushy. Continuous sex can be a good weapon against a patchy beard.

#7 Short beard / Stubble

Most celebrities have chosen the stubble look when they don't have enough hair on their face. A short beard is also liked by women and attracts society and beard patches are also not noticeable in short beards.

Final thought

Try to enjoy yourself in limited resources and celebrate whatever you get. In my opinion, prepare a stubble look and apply beard oil every day, and eventually, you see positive results in your beard.

I hope this guide has taken a place in your heart and you'll be able to get the answer to your quest.

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