Causes of eyebrow hair loss

Eyebrows hairloss causes and treatment's

Eyebrows form the outer corner of our eyes. However, if they are not well cared for and maintained, they can lead to eyebrow hair loss. Dr. Mandy Simmons, the chief medical officer of the Elite PR Clinic, says the three most common causes of eyebrow hair loss are:

1. Age: "As we get older, hair grows slower and thinner. We all lose hair at some point, but when the scalp is completely bald at a certain age, there is a serious cause for concern," she says.

2. Injury: People with soft or inflexible eyebrows are likely to experience hair loss around their eyes if they're ever bitten, bitten, pinched or poked in the eyebrow area, says Daye.

3. Hair loss from stress: If you're constantly stressed out, it can trigger your body's ability to release a hormone, called cortisol, which leads to hair loss.

4. Hair loss from excessive hair-relaxation products: People who use a lot of hair-restoration products (i.e. waxing) or try to re-grow their hair using brushes, hair-growth pills, wigs and other devices are at a higher risk of hair loss than the general population, says Daye.

Most eyebrow surgeries can be performed at a salon or cosmetic surgery clinic. Dr.Mandy Simmons, the chief medical officer of the Elite PR Clinic, recommends eyebrow removal surgery (plucking), as opposed to waxing or threading, as it doesn't remove hair. "Waxing and threading make you more vulnerable to infection and hair loss," she says. Plucking is more invasive but less painful, which is the best option if you don't want to take painkillers after your treatment.

To avoid looking like you have a receding hairline, Dr. Simmons recommends making an appointment with a dermatologist to get an official diagnosis.

To take care of your eyebrows, Daye recommends washing and drying them, because dryness causes the hair to become brittle. Apply a powder (like Blistex-No Frizz) to your eyebrows every morning. If you wash them with shampoo, apply an exfoliator the day before, then powder before you go to bed. "It prevents flakes, fine hair and unwanted buildup on your brows."

Products to avoid

· Softener: Most hair-restoration products can dry out your eyebrows, making them look thinner and less vibrant.

· Hair-growth pills: Dr. Simmons says these pills or creams can actually make your eyebrows grow thicker and be less dense than normal. If you find that your eyebrows are disappearing, it's a good idea to stop taking the products.

· Protein-based hair-growth creams: Most people who take hair-growth products only notice that their hair has regrown. But if you take too much of the products, you can also look like you have bald patches on your scalp.

· Browsers: While these products are perfect for covering up thinning eyebrows, they make it look like you have spots on your forehead. "Plucking is a more natural way to eliminate thin spots and eliminate eyebrows that are excessively thin," says Daye.

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