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There have been many technological advances in synthetic hair in recent years. In many cases, the texture and appearance are perceived as natural hair. Also, unlike the latter, which must be fixed first, synthetic extensions can be used once you remove them from their packaging. Here in this blog post, we will let you know how to take care of synthetic hair.


Curly models of artificial hair have a "memory" wave, which allows the curls to return to their normal state without much effort and will not become blunt, nor fall out in damp weather. However, since synthetic hair has different properties than natural hair, you'll need to style it differently so that it lasts as long as possible. Let's know how to take care of synthetic hair.

Hear are some methods for take care of your synthetic hair's 

How to take care of synthetic hair's


Wash Your Synthetic Extensions

Buy a mild shampoo that should be explicitly formulated for synthetic hair. Also, synthetic wigs will work well with these types of extensions. However, if you can't find a shampoo made for synthetic hair, a soft shampoo will also work well.

Remove The Knots Gently With The Help Of A Wide Tooth Comb.

This comb will not hook the hair as one of the more delicate teeth does. Combing the tips until you reach the roots and see the knots fluctuate. In other words, it works from below—wet hair with a spray bottle filled with water or detangling spray to ease the combing process.

Then, comb it. If the hair has a pattern of very close curls, use it to finger your shoulders. This is more delicate and will not hook the hair or affect the curl as the comb.

If you want to take care of synthetic hair, removing them and combing them out afterward will be easier.

Fill The Sink With Water

Make sure the water isn't too hot, or you could change the curly or wavy pattern of the hair. Fill the sink enough to submerge everything. If your extensions aren't clipped, or you don't want to remove them for washing, which indicates that you wet your hair and shampoo as you usually would.

Dissolve A Shampoo Cap For Synthetic Hair In Water

If you're going to be washing a lot of hair, use two covers. Use your common sense to decide whether you need a second or two. Using too much shampoo isn't a good idea because you don't want the cleanser to strip the coat of shine or modify its appearance and texture. Too much shampoo or a strong one can make your hair look dull. Then, if you want to use extensions when you wash your hair, wet it as you usually would. Then apply a shampoo cap directly and spread it throughout your hair.

Dip Your Wig Or Your Hair Extensions In Water

You should submerge them entirely and make sure they absorb the liquid. If necessary, immerse further inside it. If the hair is not thick enough, the shampoo will not clean it. Don't massage the shampoo until it penetrates if you're with extensions.

Comb Into The Hair From One Side In The Water

This is a way to do it without rubbing. Then, please pick up the sink and hair until it looks clean. Alternate between shaking and rinsing. If you have extensions, massage the shampoo in, but don't rub it in as you don't want to disturb your hair. If you feel that it is not clean, massage it into the hair for a few minutes.

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Rinse Hair With Cool Water

It rinses off natural hair strands but can't change its layers or curly models to a synthetic one as it can with warm water. Then, rinse it off with cool water until there's no foam and it's clean.


Buy a Detangling Conditioner

Your goal is to prevent frizz at all costs. If it does, you'll need to untangle it with difficulty and without destroying its texture or its curly or wavy pattern. Since hair is not natural, a moisturizing conditioner will not have the same effect as it will not absorb it.

Fill The Sink With Cold Water

This is the best temperature for synthetic hair. Fill it with enough water to cover everything until it comes in. If you have extensions, hair should be damp after rinsing off the shampoo.

Add A Conditioner Cap To The Water

As mentioned above, if you wash and condition a lot of hair, you'll have to use common sense: Add two conditioner caps. However, it is not good to use too much because it can make your hair heavy.

Comb The Hair

Comb the hair from the front back into the water as you did before, slowly sinking it back from the front. Your goal is that a little bit of conditioner adheres to the hair and conditions it. It can make it heavy if it's too much, and it can look greasy because hair is synthetic. It can't absorb in the same way as natural hair. Swirl your hair from side to side for a few minutes until it looks like it's conditioned. If you wear extensions, comb through with your fingers to continue distributing all the product through the hair.

Set The Conditioner On The Hair

Do not rinse it out. It should remain on the hair, even if it is a no-rinse treatment. Moreover, if you prefer, use no conditioner; use one made with water and usually comes in a spray bottle. If you're washing the synthetic hair in the sink, you can let them sit in the water with a conditioner for 10 to 15 minutes. If conditioning with synthetic extensions, apply no treatment and leave in hair. However, if you feel that you have used too much conditioner to your hair, spritz it with a bit of water that you have in a spray bottle to rinse out lightly.


In some respects, taking care of synthetic hair is actually like taking care of natural hair. You should wash it with shampoo and conditioner and brush it out to keep it looking shiny and beautiful. However, you should avoid dryers and only lubricate them if the packaging says it can be done. No one will notice that their artificial hair isn't natural with the proper care. So, it's essential to know how to take care of synthetic hair.

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